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Kanzeon is a Buddhist term meaning the one who compassionately listens to the sounds of the world. "Ze" means "world" and "on" means "sound."

This bodhisattva is known by several names: Khan Shih Yin in Chinese, Kannon or Kanzeon in Japanese, and in Tibet identified as Avalokiteshvara. Typically represented in a feminine form the Kanzeon has been portrayed as Kuan Yin, Tara, and some believe that she resembles the Virgin Mary in the Christian ideologies.

Here at Roundhouse Acres - it is Chris, who is also a ukulele playing spring peeper.

Sound Services


Our sound studio is self contained in our very own Mongolian Yurt (Ger), erected in 2023. 

Chris is very happy to record, edit and mix your sounds in this magical space. General rates are outlined below but we believe in the barter system so let us know what you have to exchange. 

Image by Leo Wieling

Record Here

Bring the whole band!

Available for audio, podcast and voiceover recording. First three hours are $200 with the engineer

Additional time $50/hour.

20% discount for spoken voice only recordings. 

Image by Adi Goldstein

Editing and Mixing

Beginning rate is $35 per hour. 

Drum and vocal comping and editing available..

Sound files do not need to be recorded on site and can be submitted via Dropbox or other file sharing services. 

Live Gig

Private Concerts

Love our studio so much you want to share it with your friends, family and fans? Put on a private show on at your place and Chris will come to you! We have all the lights and equipment to make your night awesome, please contact us for availability and logistics. 


Live recording included. 

Got a gig somewhere that isn't here? Chris likes to venture out and see the world too!

Cost to hire is dependent on your needs, set-up, equipment requirements, distance and time commitments. Please contact:, call 914.525.5977 or fill out the form below to determine how we can best serve your sound needs. 


Thanks for submitting!

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