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Chris and Sara 

Jokingly said, once all up in a time, if we should die - there would be no real serious photographs of us to put on display. Rather we would be left with our funeral guests looking at images like the following... is too short for serious. We have fun and embrace our quirks!

In another life, before the kid and a real job Sara went to art school. She got pregnant and never finished her undergraduate degree in art. An advisor once told her not to rush those undergrad years, one might argue that she is listening. 

The passion of creating art never leaves an artist though. Over the years from her own collection, from finds at the dump and local thrift shops canvases are painted, repainted, sanded, spat upon, painted again and so on and so forth until they are finally proclaimed done. Typically the process begins again thereafter.

Chris has no formal training in visual arts but is willing to assist in the mess making process and all too often is the one cleaning up either way. 

Between the two of them some very original pieces have been created and each one is a playful conversation between this couple. 

If you would like a piece made by both of them  you will have to relinquish creative freedom and just let it become organically. 

Chris's real passion is sound. He is constantly tinkering with noises, recording them and then layering them together to make music. 

In method many of the pieces from this studio both audio and visual are slowly developed overtime, adding layers on top of already established patina.

Chris loves to work with musical artists of all genres, he'll even encourage his wife to sing sometimes, which means that the bar is pretty low - but he can still make her sound good - a testament to his engineering capabilities. 

Chris is available for hire for live sound events as well as private recording, but he is also happy to collaborate with other artists just for fun. 

Rates are negotiable for all services both audio and visual. We are happy to barter as well since these are our hobbies and not what pay our bills. 

Thank you for checking out the studios at the Roundhouse. We hope you have found something you like. 

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