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 Other Creators @ Roundhouse Acres

Paul - The Mad Yogi


One day Paul will tell us what he/they wants the world to know about him/them and then we will write it here.

That day is not today. 

So, in the meantime we will just tell you that Paul is our first artist in residence.  Paul has been featured in many original songs from the Mister Chris collection throughout the years and can be found in the studios with us making sounds or artworks, hiking around the local forests with our dogs, meditating  practicing qi gong and yoga, or working an adult job as a therapist. 

To see what's up in the world of Paul - follow on Instagram 

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Troy and the Fur Babies live here too!

Troy is a teenager, camera shy and generally apathetic about what's going on in the artistic spaces. He enjoys spending time in nature and learning about the flora, fauna and fungi. When he is officially an adult his contact will be added and perhaps a photo or two. In the interim - look out for a gray Honda Civic - this kid is driving now!

Meet the creatures of the house: Bernice (the Twat), and Poppina aka Poo... Our newest addition: el Zapatito Bandito aka Zappa. 


FranCisco was returned to the universe Oct. 4, 2023 a small tribute to his loving derp face remains on the property and we will forever love and miss him. R.I.P. Schmeesh.

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